Company Philosophy

  • Obey the rules of management
  • Value business morals.
  • Influence the world with broad perspective
  • Serve our customers sincerely

Company Values

  • Morality: The basis of our business.
  • Love: The source of our spirit.
  • Honesty: The philosophy of our management.
  • Harmony: The road to prosperity

Company Strategic Goals

  • Building a century foundation.
  • Shape a century brand.
  • Make millions of elites successful
  • Serve millions of families wholeheartedly

Our Strategic Plan

All of our entities connect and support each other thus enhancing a healthy development of the global business of Norland Industrial group.

Currently, Norland is implementing its “the second five year strategic plan” and making a strenuous efforts to achieve the its four main objectives of  “building a century foundation, shaping a century brand, successfully making millions of elites and serving millions of families wholeheartedly”.

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