Compensation Breakdown

There are five (5) new membership levels. This is the same as entry levels. You can enter Norland by signing up to any of the levels or just join at the 1st level and upgrade later. Here are the levels:

AMOUNT ($) 200 400 750 1,700 3500 OR MORE
MIN. PV ($) 128 256 560 1,120 2,240

Norland Compensation Types

Retail Sales Profit

One major way of earning bonuses from Norland is the profit on retailing (reselling) the products you buy from Norland. That Norland has amazing products which basically sell themselves cannot be overemphasized. It is relatively easier to find customers for your Norland products. You can sell the products at any price you think reasonable. This gives members a major source of income.

Retail Purchase Bonus

Another major way of earning bonuses from Norland is that you get a whooping 20% bonus on the amount spent on all subsequent purchases after registration. This bonus is paid monthly in accordance with Norland’s Bonus Calendar. You can withdraw this bonus or use it to purchase more Norland products.

Product Voucher Bonus

When you sponsor a new member to join Norland, you will earn a Product Voucher equal to 25% of their first purchase (amount paid during registration) and all of their upgrade purchases until they they reach $3,500 (Diamond member level) in personal purchases. Product Vouchers are used to purchase products.

Startup Bonus

You can earn a one-time 50% Start Up Bonus when your first two binary tree positions are filled. In addition, you will earn when two more positions on your second level are filled with at least 1A leg and 1B leg. Start up bonus is equal to 50% of your lesser leg PV. i.e. $200 = 128PV x 50% = %64 Bonus.

Leadership Bonus (Performance-based)

Leadership Bonus pays you up to the 9th generation of binary Group Bonus checks earned by your personal sponsorship tree. To qualify for this, you must personally sponsor 1-left + 1-right in binary and your lessor leg must accumulate 16,000PV in lifetime volume, with at least 3,500PV of that coming from new volume that month.

Benefits Bonus

Benefits Bonuses are mainly vehicles and travels in nature. We have trip incentive and car incentive. The level of bonus depends on your membership level.

Honorary Bonus (Long Term Dividends)

There is a significant amount of money set aside by Norland which goes into Honorary Bonus section of the Norland compensation plan. To qualify, you must reach the level of Gold and above.

Honorary Bonus (Global Dividends)

Aside the normal first-level entry levels, there are different levels of membership beyond Diamond. For those who reach the rank of Red Diamond, they are treated as super stars! They will share a part of 1% of the worldwide PV of all Norland products. Red Diamond to Double Crown members are entitled to different percentages of weighted average global dividends.

Promotional Incentives

Periodically, Norland runs various promotions aimed at rewarding members with cars, travel, electrical gadgets and more. These promotions are valid for specified time frame and require members to achieve certain performance targets.

Always check your Norland back office for details of these promotions so as to take advantage of them correctly.

Group Bonus

EARNINGS 10% 10.5% 11% 12% 13%
WEEKLY CEILING $1,500 $3,000 $6,000 $12,000 $24,000

Leadership Bonus (Fast Track)

1st 8% 8% 8%
2nd 5% 5%
3rd 5%

This type of bonus is based on personal purchases. It allows members from the onset to start earning 1-3 generations of matching paychecks from the team’s weekly Group Bonus (binary) earnings. Leadership bonus is based on Sponsor Tree and Ranking.